Due to legal and even dangerous reasons, I will not go any further into the relationship I have with Frank. But he asked me to tell these stories after his death and you can say lots of negative things about me, one thing you cannot say, I always keep my promises.

Frank Broker was an unsuccessful scientist, nature got his interest, sort of anyway. Several times he tried to improve human life. His approach wasn’t legal, as he sought to create life from dead tissue. Every attempt failed, until project IV, but than again his success was only partial. During his research he ran out off fundraising, so the creature was not quite what he had in mind. Though his goal was a super-human, by the time he got to the legs there was no money left. He had to improvise and ended up with a disproportioned figure. The creature lived, but Frank was devestated, he saw it as the son of something gruesome.

He turned his back on science and as he was without money he left his creation behind. His son, initially, had to grow up in the slumbs.

Broker took a job as a clerk. Later on he invested his few savings in his own business. He called it import and export, but questions were asked about the legality of his affairs. Now he had money, he felt he should do something about his poor son, he called Grueson. In remorse he sent him to the best schools. so Grueson had the finest education, Though he never saw his benefactor, father or creator. By the time he had grown up – in this case we can only mention the development of his mind – Broker had died. His death will always be suspicious, but I suppose that was the risk of his business …