Reading order

It’s best you read these stories in the following order:

Introduction page

(No longer online, published in Grueson book #1, September 2015):
The Legacy / The irresistible Miss Chambers / The three Conquistadores / The Bosnic Priest / Jo / The investigating Officer ! / The little Orphan / Latin Sales / FLAK / Pet / The Candidate / Matterson strikes back
Two extra stories included: Deadly Sunrise / Revealed

(No longer online, published in Grueson book #2, August 2016):
The Inmates / Man in Black / Men in Black / The Lodger
The Woman who knew too much Big Foot Checking the Walls The Mercenary / The Depths of Hell London after Midnight / Whatever happened to John Doe ? / Being for the Benefit of Mister McCay
Four extra stories included: The Creature from the Pond / The Italian Connection / Dead Man’s Hand / Looking at me ?

(No longer online, published in Grueson book #3):
The Picture of Grueson
Extra stories included:
The Machine Gun Massacre / She came in through the Attic Window

(Now online):

  1. Six
  2. Manual for door-to-door sale
  3. The Block
  4. Tom not peeping
  5. A funny Thing happened in the Parking lot

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